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22 Dec 2017
Lina + Pedro | Classic Church Wedding With Reception at The W Hotel Miami
By:   On: 22 Dec 2017

Lina and Pedro combined a classic church wedding with a modern reception at The W Hotel in Miami, with a party that went all night long.

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6 Dec 2017
Katherine + Jeffrey | Royal Poinciana Chapel and Flagler Museum Wedding
By:   On: 6 Dec 2017

Katherine and Jeffrey shared a magical day with their family and friends, tying the knot in the quaint Royal Poinciana Chapel and celebrating their reception at the classy Flagler Museum.

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3 Nov 2017
Amy + Blake | Classic Flagler Museum Wedding in Palm Beach
By:   On: 3 Nov 2017

Two beautiful families come together with the wedding of a fabulous bride and groom at the always-classy Flagler Museum in Palm Beach.

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29 Sep 2017
Nicoleta + Alex | Sunset Beach Wedding in Boca Grande
By:   On: 29 Sep 2017

Sun, sand and flamingos are the perfect ingredients for this unforgettable sunset beach wedding in Boca Grande, Florida.

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24 Aug 2017
Francesca + Henry | Catholic Wedding at St. Patrick and the Dupont Building
By:   On: 24 Aug 2017

The historic Dupont Building provide the perfect backdrop for the classy reception that followed the bride and groom’s catholic wedding ceremony at St. Patricks Church in Miami.

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7 Aug 2017
Anna + Phillip | Surprise Hora Loca at Epic Hotel Wedding
By:   On: 7 Aug 2017

The surprise hora loca (crazy hour) at Anna and Phillip’s wedding reception was the perfect climax for a day overflowing with once in a lifetime moments.

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28 Jul 2017
Melissa + David | Perfect Wedding at the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach
By:   On: 28 Jul 2017

When the bride looks perfect in her dress, and the groom looks perfect in his tux, and they get married at a perfect place like the Flagler Museum, and the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride appear at the end of the aisle is perfect, it’s an amazingly

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